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Best Foods For A Pancreatitis Diet

The pancreas is responsible for the release of certain enzymes that aid in the digestive process. Inflammation of the pancreas causes pancreatitis to occur. This leads to the obstruction in the release of the digestive enzymes. This causes symptoms of pain, bloating, fever and nausea. A special diet needs to be followed to aid better healing of the pancreas. A pancreatitis diet is healthy and balances the digestion process.

Yoghurt : Yoghurt is a probiotic and helps in digestion. Yoghurt has beneficial bacteria which works to bring a balance and aids in digestion. This also helps to increase the body’s immunity level preventing inflammation. This relieves the pancreas and hastens the treatment. Yogurt is essential food in a pancreatitis diet.

Soup: It is recommended to avoid meat during pancreatitis. So soup should essentially be made from vegetables. It should have plenty of tomatoes as tomato acts as an antioxidant and aids in the healing process. The vegetables will give the body necessary nutrients and the liquid will add to the fluid intake.

Spinach: Eating plenty of spinach is also good for the digestive system when the pancreas is affected. Spinach can be consumed as a juice or by making a side dish.

Blueberries: During digestion free radicals are released which makes pancreatitis worse. The blueberries have antioxidants which fight the free radicals and make the condition stable.

Grapes and wine: Wine contains antioxidant and a glass can be taken daily. If the wine irritates your system then try red grapes instead for same results.

Tofu: During pancreatitis the blood is high in fats. So meat should be avoided at all costs. But the body needs protein in the diet to keep healthy. This protein can be found in tofu. Tofu in any form can be eaten to keep healthy. Abstaining from all kinds of protein intake will make the body weak and open to other infections. So a protein rich food like tofu should be consumed daily to combat weakness.

Red Mushrooms: Eating a portion of red mushrooms will help to maintain the digestive balance. This will further help in reducing inflammation.

Other beneficial foods: This would include all kinds of cereal. Even oatmeal aids in digestion and absorbs fat in the blood stream. Have rice along with vegetables. Eat plenty of fruits and soy products to keep healthy.

Foods to avoid: Along with eating the right food in pancreatitis diet, it is important to avoid certain foods that can make the condition worse. These foods include anything that is high in fat quantity. It is advised to avoid all meats. Even eggs are better avoided. A total abstention from butter, cheese, margarine, beer and coffee is advised. Deep fried foods, bread products, processed foods and gas forming foods also should not be eaten as this will lead to further inflammation of the pancreas.

A pancreatitis diet is a healthy diet that eases the digestive process and gives adequate rest to the pancreas. Fatty food should not be eaten at all to reduce inflammation. Yogurt should be a part of the daily diet. Fruits and vegetables should be consumed in plenty along with tofu for protein intake.

Pancreatitis Diet

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